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Sunday 11th March Barton Court

Remenham's last match of the season was held at Barton Court on Sunday

in warm and sunny conditions. Graham Dodd opted to fish the pole for

roach but latter switched to the feeder and landed a number of large

skimmers for a total weight of 32lb 1oz to win his second match in two

weeks. Second place was taken by Stan Robak in the next peg with 22lb

10oz consisting of  roach and skimmers caught fishing the pole at 14

metres. In third place was Henry Golas who caught a mixed bag of roach

skimmers and 3 large perch for 18lb 13oz. Section winners were Mick

Hutt 15lb 10oz and Nigel Smith 14lb 4oz




Sunday 4th March New Barlows

On sunday Remenham anglers fished the last round of the winter series

at New Barlow near Tadley. With strong winds heavy rain and even snow

to contend with conditions were difficult but Graham Dodd landed an

impressive 19lb 6oz carp on the pole at 14 meters using caster and

added a smaller carp and tench for a match winning 23lb 13oz.In second

was Dick Shillito with 16lb 10oz of carp and bream and third was Roger

Howard with 14lb 14oz of carp and tench.Although series leader Trevor

Pearce failed to weigh in he maintianed his lead to win the

series.With the best 10 results countng from 12 matches Pearce scored

128 points ahead of Dodd whose win pipped Stan Roback for second with

119 to 118.



Sunday 26th February Soke Road

Club chairman Roger Howard won Remenhams latest match held at Soke

Road Ponds the penultimate round in the winter series.His catch of

44lb of all tench taken close to the near bank on the pole with red

maggot was well ahead of the rest of the field.In second position with

18lb 5oz was Nigel Smith consisting of small carp and skimmers and

third was Trevor Pearce with skimmers and tench for 10lb 8oz.

Section winners were Grahaham Dodd 8lb 5oz and Ian Chaplin 6lb

5oz.With 1 round to go Pearce still leads the series with 136 points

followed by Stan Roeback 114 Dodd 107 Mark Bowles 81 Howard 79.



Sunday 19th February Barton Court

This week Remenham fished Barton Court and with warmer tempretures and

a thaw in the week conditions were more favorable.Stan Roback fished

the pole at 12 and 14 meters to catch roach on the caster for 10lb to

win the match close behind with 9lb 7oz of roach and skimmers was

series leader Trevor Pearce using similer tactics and third was Steve

Johnson with 1 tench plus roach and skimmers for 8lb 2oz also on the

pole.Section winners were Dick Shilitto and Ian Chaplin both with 4lb

4oz and Graham Dodd with5lb 3oz.Points in the winter series with 2

rounds to go are Pearce 124 Robak 109 Dodd 97 Mark Bowles 77 Chaplin 71



Sunday 12th February Whitehouse

Whitehouse Lake was the venue for Remenham`s match two weeks ago and

with severe below freezing tempretures the lake was topped with thick

ice so after some ice breaking and cutting a few brave anglers

fished.Trevor Pearce landed a carp and a small tench along with some

roach to weigh 6lb 10oz for 1st place well ahead of Henry Golas with

4oz of roach and third was Graham Dodd with 2oz.


Sunday 5th February Bowsaw



Sunday 29th  January 2012 Soke Road

Conditions proved to be difficult for Remenham anglers on sunday when

they visited Soke Road ponds a group of 3 small interconecting lakes

near Tadley.Of the 12 anglers fishing 5 failed to catch but this was

not the case for new club member Henry Golas fishing lake 1 who caught

small carp and skimmers on the pole steadily throughout the match for

22lb 8oz  to finish 1st while in lake 2 Stan Robak landed 2 large carp

and 2 skimmers to secure 2nd place with 17lb 10oz also on the pole and

3rd place went to Steve Johnson with 15lb of carp from lake 1. Section

winners were Trevor Pearce 4lb10oz and Ian Chaplin 6lb14oz.Overall

points in the winter series so far after 8 rounds are Trevor Pearce 91

Stan Robak 81 Graham Dodd 75 Mark Bowles 63 Ian Chaplin 62.




Sunday 22nd January 2012 Bowsaw

On Sunday Remenham anglers fished at Bowsaw Lake near Odiham. Dick

Shilitto fished the pole with corn to land several carp for 49lb this

gave him a narrow victory over Dave Whiteman with a weight of 47lb 8oz

of carp on the method feeder. Finishing third  also fishing the method

feeder was club chairman Roger Howard who caught 40lb 10oz of carp.

Section winners were: Trevor Pearce 26lbs, Steve Johnson 23lbs &

           Mark Bowles 22lb 8oz.



Sunday 15th January 2012 Barton Court

The 5th leg in the winter series took place at Barton Court.In cold

but sunny conditions the winner was Graham Dodd who opted to fish the

feeder and caught several skimmers before switching to the pole for

roach on the caster for a total of 16lb 4oz.In second was Dick

Shilitto with 12lb 14oz of skimmers all caught on the feeder with meat

and 3rd was Trevor Pearce with a mix of skimmers roach and perch for

10lb 15oz on the pole.Section winners were Nigel Smith 7lb 7oz Stan

Robak 6lb 1oz and Steve Johnson with 6lb 12oz.

The top 5 points scorers after 5 rounds are Trevor Pearce 72 Graham

Dodd 69 Nigel Smith 60 Stan Robak 59 Mark Bowles 55.



Sunday 8th January 2012 Whitehouse

Whitehouse lake Tadley was the venue for the 4th leg of Remenhams

winter series.After losing 3 large carp on the pole Mark Bowles

eventually landed 2 for a total weight of 11lb 15oz which was enough

to win the match.There was a tie for 2nd place with Paul Howard and

Mick Hutt both with 9lb 8oz Pauls consisting of just 1 carp and Micks

5 skimmers and a small tench.Section winners were Graham Dodd 6lb 4oz

Trevor Pearce 8lb 1oz and Nigel Smith 7lb 2oz.



Sunday 18th Dec Whitehouse

Remenham anglers fished their Christmas match at Whitehouse Lake Tadley last weekend.With a hard overnight frost, ice covered parts of the lake so some anglers had to clear their swims before fishing.Fishing the pole at 10 meters using caster Stan Robak landed 3 carp and a large bream totaling 19lb to win his second match in a row and also in a repeat of the previous week second position went to Trevor Pearce whose 14 lb consisted of 2 carp and some skimmer bream all caught on the pole with red maggot and in third position was Nigel Smith with 3 tench for 9lb 13oz.Section winners were Mick Hutt 6lb 2oz and Ian Chaplin 8lb



Sunday 11th Dec Barton Court

Barton Court Lake was the venue for Remenhams match last weekend.With water levels remaining low combined with some recent cold nights fishing again proved to be difficult with any larger fish remaining elusive.Stan Robak fished the pole at 14 meters using caster to catch all roach for 12lb 6oz which was enough for first place close behind in second was Trevor Pearce with 11lb 9oz consisting of roach and skimmer bream caught on the pole with pinkie.There was a tie for third place with Mark Bowles and Graham Dodd both with 8lb 8oz.This weeks match is at Whithouse Lake Tadley



Sunday 4th December Milton Pools Campbells

Milton Pools hosted Remenham anglers on Sunday as they fished Cambells match lake in the second round of the winter series which turned out to be a close and even contest. Mick Hutt fished the pole at 13 meters with red maggot and micro pellet to win on the day with a mostly carp catch of 61lb 10oz.Second was Mark Bowles with 56lb of carp also on the pole with maggot and third was Trevor Pearce fishing similar tactics with 53lb 8oz.Section winners were Roger Howard 48lb 8oz and Ade Bowles 46lb 9oz.This sunday remenham travel to Kitbury near Newbury to fish Barton Court lake



Sunday 27th November - Milton Pools Lens

Last Sunday saw Remenham anglers visit Milton Pools near Stadhampton to fish Lens match lake.Getting off to a winning start in the winter series was Graham Dodd who targeted the lakes silver fish stocks to amass 24lb 10oz of roach all caught fishing shallow with caster at 5 meters second was Ian Chaplin who fished the feeder with pellets catching small carp and tench for 19lb 0oz and a close third was Nigel Smith with 18lb 0oz also with carp and tench caught on the pole using pellet.Next week sees Remenham return to Milton Pools but this time to fish Campbells lake


Sunday 20th November - Whitehouse

This week Remenham anglers fished the last match of the Charmain's series at Whitehouse lake part of the Staceys complex in Tadley. Fishing proved difficult with weights remaining low, the match winner was club chairman Roger howard with a weight of 13lb 4oz consisting of 3 carp caught on the pole at 13 mtrs on worm. 2nd was Graham Dodd with 11lb 7oz of roach and skimmers caught at 10mtrs on the pole with caster, 3rd was Ade Bowles with 10lb 4oz made up of skimmers, tench and a 3lb perch. Section winners were Stan Robak  6lb 8oz and  Trevor Pearce 9lb 8oz.  Overall winner of the series which consists of 13 matches with the best 11 points scores counting is Trevor Pearce 127 points 2nd place went to Graham Dodd with 119  and 3rd was Stan Robak with 99. Next week sees the start of the winter series beginning at Milton Pools.



Sunday 13th November - Barton Court

Remenham anglers travelled to Kitbury near Newbury to fish Barton Court Lake last weekend.Although the weather remained mild the low water levels made fishing conditions difficult with the main target species bream not feeding in any numbers.Winner on the day was Brian Bowles who caught 8 specimen size perch for 18lb 10oz averaging over 2 1/4 lbs each all caught on the pole close in under an overhanging tree using red maggot. Second was Ian Chaplin using similar tactics with 7lb 8oz consisting of 1 large perch and several smaller ones along with some roach third was Nigel Smith with 6lb 10oz of perch skimmers and roach caught at 11 meters on the pole on pellet.Section winners were Dick Shilitto 6lb 2oz and Paul Howard 6lb 6oz




Sunday 30th October - Bowsaw

1st Steve Johnson 110lb 12oz

2nd Paul Howard 77 10

3rd Stan Rowbac 66 08

4th Nigel Smith 61 02

 Section wins went to Brian Bowles 25 08, Dick Shillito 53 04


Sunday 23rd October - Milton Pools

1st Mark Bowles with 72-10

2nd Steve Johnson 61-14

3rd Dick Shillito 61lb

 Section wins went to Mick Hutt 50lb 3oz, Graham Dodd 44lb

Sunday 18th September - Frobury Farm

1st Graham Dodd with 65 -9 which was made up of 13lb of Rudd and the rest with Carp caught on maggot & caster at 7 mtrs

2nd Steve Johnson 61-10 mostly carp at 10 mtrs on pellet

3rd Trevor Pearce, 56 4 carp on maggot tight to far bank


Sunday 11th September – Whitehouse Lake

1st Trevor Pearce with 57-10 carp & skimmers caught on pellet across to island 11 mtrs on pole

2nd Steve Johnson 46-10 carp & skimmers on meat & pellet at 6 mtrs close to tree pole

3rd Mark Bowles 31-14 carp & skimmers on pellet on pole

 Section wins went to Roger Howard with  24-10, Stan Rowback 15-8 & Nigel Smith  23-8


Sunday 28th August, Alders Farm

1st Graham Dodd 321-6 carp caught on meat maggot & caster short on pole

2nd Steve Johnson 249-0 carp on pellet @ 6mtrs

3rd Dick Shilitto 182-14 carp short on paste and pellet


Sunday 7th August,

1st Graham Dodd,  156lb of carp mostly on the pellet waggler

2nd Trevor Pearce with 100lb of skimmers and carp on paste at 8 mtrs

3rd Paul Howard 95-4 carp on method feeder.

Sections  Dave Whiteman 54-6, Ade Bowles  74-12, Dick Shillito 75-8


Alders Farm 31st July

“Dodd’s Record Breaking Haul”


Remenham Anglers travelled to Alders Farm Fishery

 last weekend

Set in a picturesque valley near the village of Great Brickhill,

 Nr Milton Keynes, Alders Farm Fishery offers a great deal to

 the Match Angler. The spring fed lakes cover a total of 3 and

 a half acres and offer a full variety of sport. As a direct

result of the mineral-rich spring feeds, the venue has built

 a reputation of producing bulging match weights.


Graham Dodd got off to a relatively slow start in this match however very quickly turned this round. Dodd’s initial approach was to feed pellet in open water and whilst this brought the fish in large quantities, they were difficult to catch. A change of tactics were required therefore Dodd swapped to fishing meat down the edge on the pole feeding lightly, the response was instant. Dodd battled with Alders Farm carp in the 3lb – 8lb range with the largest around 10lb to amass an amazing total record breaking weight of 458lb 10oz. Dodd, a renowned and highly respected Matchman for many years, was totally exhausted at the end of the 6 hour match and thought he had sprained both wrists however as realisation of his fantastic achievement set in, the pain disappeared and ecstasy took over. This is a new Club record and not far off the UK Match Fishing Record, so many congratulations to Graham.


Other results on the day, runner up was Dave Whiteman, another local Match Angling Ace, with a very respectable 309lb Carp caught on pellet and corn fished up in the water at 4 meters and a close third place went to John Hobbs with 295lb 14oz caught on similar tactics. Overall, 12 anglers who competed caught and amazing total weight of 2,563lbs averaging over 200lb per man.


Summer Stillwater Series, 7th leg, Bowsaw Fishery, 24th July

John Hobbs chalked up his first win of the season at Bowsaw Lake with 39lb 4oz of Carp and small Chub on the pole fishing meat, paste corn and pellet.

A very close runner up was Trevor Pearce with 34lb 4oz of Carp caught on meat and 3rd place went to the current Series leader Graham Dodd with 34lb 1oz, Carp and Chub on the pole. Section wins went to Roger Howard with 26lb 4oz, Nigel Smith with 26lb 8oz and Steve Johnson with 15lb 8oz. The match this weekend is at Alders Farm


Summer Stillwater Series, 6th leg, Whitehouse Fishery, 17th July

Graham Dodd continued his amazing form last weekend at Whitehouse

lake Tadley with his 4th win of the season with 52lb 14oz of Skimmer

Bream and 1 Carp which tipped the scales at 15lb 10oz, all were caught

on the pole mostly in the last hour. A very close runner up with only 2oz

separating first and second place was Nigel Smith with 52lb 12oz caught on pellet and 3rd place went to Paul Howard with 23lb 6oz. Section wins went to Trevor Pearce with 17lb 8ox and Dick Shillitto with 19lb 12oz. The match this weekend is at Bowsaw lake near Odiham.



Summer Stillwater Series, 5th leg, Alders Farm Fishery , 10th July

Johnson Fights Back......................

Steve Johnson put up an impressive performance last weekend to win the 5th round of the Remenham Anglers Summer Series as they travelled to Alders Farm to fish the Silverfish lake. Steve took the honours with 166lb-8oz of carp, skimmers & tench on the pole fishing pellet. Runner up was Graham Dodd with an equally impressive weight of 121lb-0oz of carp, skimmers & tench fishing caster on the pole 3rd place went to Dick Shillitto with 104lb-3oz of  carp fishing paste. Section wins went to Roger Howard with 73lb-4oz and Stan Robak with 95lb-9oz and Trevor Pearce with  69lb-4oz

The match next week Whitehouse Lake , Tadley



Summer Stillwater Series, 4th leg July 3rd, Wood Lane Fishery, Iver.

Dodd Back on Form, 3rd Consecutive Win

Graham Dodd continues to dominate the Remenham Anglers matches with his 3rd consecutive win weighing in an impressive 125lb-6oz of  carp & skimmers on pellet waggler and pole. Runner up in 2nd place was Dick Shillito with 95lb-0 of carp on the pellet waggler, followed closely with Paul Howard in 3rd place with 89lb-12oz of carp on the method feeder. Section wins went to Stan Robak with 79lb-4oz, Dave Whiteman with 76lb-10oz and Trevor Pearce with 49lb-14oz


Summer Stillwater Series, 3rd leg, New Barlows near Tadley, 26th June


Remenham Anglers travelled to Tadley to fish New Barlows lake in the Summer Stillwater Series.

Graham Dodd continued his fine form with a convincing win of 45 lb of Carp and Tench caught on the pole.

Steve Johnson was runner up with 34lb 4oz, again a combination of Carp and Tench with 3rd place going to Brian Bowles.

Section winners were Trevor Pearce with 17lb 6 oz and Stan Robak with 28lb.


Summer Stillwater Series, 2nd leg, Billhook near Odiham, 19th June


New Club member Steve Johnson won the match with 52lb 8oz all Carp on this 'pole only' match. Nigel Smith was runner up for the 2nd consecutive week with 43lb 4oz of Carp on the pole and Graham Dodd worked his swim hard targeting the resident Roach (15lb) and topped it up with Carp for a total weight 31lb 15oz for third place. Section winners were Johnny Hobbs 27lb and Brian Bowles 21lb.


Summer Stillwater Series, Wood Lane Fishery, 12th June


Graham Dodd showed fine form with the first "ton" of the season with 110lb 9oz of Carp and Skimmers caught on he pole fishing pellet. Nigel Smith was in second place with 87lb 4oz of Carp and Skimmers fishing the pellet waggler and in third place, Micky Hutt also fished the pellet waggler for an all carp bag of 81lb 5oz.


Section winners were Paul Howard 64lb 2oz, Ade Bowles 68lb 13oz and Dave Whiteman 62lb.


Medal Winners Final, Soke Road Fishery, 5th June


Remenham Anglers Club Captain, Ian Chaplin took the honors in first place with a convincing victory with 26lb 4oz of Tench caught on the ploe fishing pellet.


Runner up was Roger Hagon with 12lb 6oz of Carp and Tench and finishing in 3rd palce was Dick Shillito with 3 Carp for 11lb 9oz.


Section winners were Stan Roback with 10lb 4 oz and Graham Dodd with 11lb 6oz.










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