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Founded 1938

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Coarse Fishing Club of Henley-on-Thames







Established in 1938 for Coarse Fishing, the Club, "Remenham Angling Society" remains in Henley-on-Thames, with Fishing rights to the River Thames both above Marsh Lock (Cottage Reach) and downstream, almost reaching Temple Island (Fawley Meadows).


The Current Commitee (2008) is made up of members who have joined what remained of the Commitee in 2000, with others joining since this time....


Prior to 2000, the incumbents of the Commitee held little "historic" information, (to our knowledge) and as a result little information has been passed on, to enable us to detail the History of the Society.


The current Commitee continues to collect what information it can, albeit "peacemeal" - and will through this website

continue to produce and publish what information it can...


All contributions welcome...



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