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Match Rules

Season  2008-09


1.    For a match to take place there must be a minimum of 3 anglers taking part.

2.    POINTS awarded will be as follows

   18 for 1ST - 15 for 2nd - 14 for 3rd - 13 for 4th

   Reducing to 5 points for 12TH PLACE.

       In the event that 2 anglers record the same weight (in top 12) they will receive the same points, and those finishing in the places below them, will be treated

       as finishing in the immediate place below.  Therefore, the 12th angler would receive 6 points, as if finishing in 11th.  

       Anglers attending more than half the designated match duration and opting to leave, without weighing in, shall receive 3 points.  

       Anglers failing to catch, despite fishing the whole duration shall receive 3 points for their attendance.


3.    No associate members are permitted to fish for points

4.    Pools money is optional.

5.    Anglers are permitted to have more than one rod or pole made up.  Anglers are permitted only to fish with one or other, (but not both) at the same.

6.    Keepnets must be in accordance with relevant Bye Laws.   When used in shallow swims, keepnets must be staked out to safe guard fish.

7a. Peg Numbers 1 and 2 will be charged with the weigh-in responsibility of pegs/venues up to 20 pegs, where one set of scales is deemed adequate by the    

      match organisers.  (In the event of a permanently pegged venue, the 2 lowest numbers in the draw bag, shall be assigned the Scales.  

7b. The Weigh In shall take place at the pegs by the 2 anglers assigned the scales.

7c. The scales must be set to zero for each individual weigh.

7d. All anglers are entitled to ask for a re-weigh to confirm their weight – any problems arising shall be dealt with by the match organisers (Officials).  See Rule


7e. The “Scalesmen” shall be referred to as the “Officials" evidence of their authority.  

8.   All Cup and Trophy Matches shall be Peg down when ever practical. A walk off shall be allowed only if all anglers (fishing the match) agree.

9.   Anglers may only break the water (prior to the match start) for the following:  

       i/.  Wet Groundbait or Casters.      ii/.  Position Keepnets        iii/.  Plumb the Depth

10.  All fish to count with the exception of Pike, Game Fish and Crustaceans

11.  Any Angler leaving their designated swim shall remove tackle from the water and bait from the hook.

       Failure to comply shall result in disqualification from the match.

12.  No Pleasure fishing shall be permitted within 20 meters of either side/end of the match (river venue).  

       No pleasure fishing to take place on Stillwater venues.

13.  Floating Pole tactics are banned in all Matches.

14.  All anglers shall take an imaginary line, half way distance between themselves and anglers either side to know where

       to fish the margins.  When ever possible anglers must try to fish straight out in front of them. On rivers venues

       anglers shall fish down stream to within one yard of the next peg.  No casting up stream shall be  permitted.  Any

       problems arising from this, shall be dealt with under rule 33.

13a. When fishing venues containing Carp and Silver fish, Two Carp safe keepnets should be used to retain each type separately.  

        When large amounts of carp are to be retained, any single fish thought to be, or deemed to be too large to be retained, by any member, in a keepnet,

        may be weighed and recorded and returned to the water.

13b.The Scales persons shall be responsible (during the match) for the weighing and recording of any large fish.  

14.  All fish must be weighed and returned to the water as quickly and safely as possible, with fish welfare

       upper most in thoughts of both angler and scalesmen.  When returning fish to the water after weigh-

       in – do not “tip” fish from the weigh net.  Lower the weigh net to/in the water.

15. It is the responsibility of the angler to ask for any fish to be weighed for Specimen Trophies or other reasons.

      The Scales persons must record the catch as  requested.

16. NO BAIT BANS exist on our own club waters. All Bans stated on other venues the Society fishes/attends must  be adhered to.  

      This also includes any fishery rules specific to the venue.

17. All anglers must book in advance to fish club matches.  Having booked in – failure to attend without good cause, shall result in the angler paying the

      appropriate peg fee, prior to the attendance of a subsequent match.

      On Society’s own waters failing to attend twice without good cause, will result in the angler being prohibited from fishing the next two matches,

      regardless of the venue(s).

18. The match organiser(s) may ask any angler/anglers to peg a venue.  Any complaints will be directed to the match organizer(s), who will endeavor to use

       their best endeavors to resolve the issue.  Should the complaint be unable to be resolved satisfactorily it shall be put in writing to the committee within 72  

       hours of the issue arising.

19. All matches will be fished and all points to count as stated on the season’s fixture list, unless matters outside the Society’s control prevent us from doing so –

      then an alternative venue shall be sought (subject to availability and time constraints permitting).  If a replacement/alternative venue can not be identified

      the match shall be cancelled.

20. The Committee shall decide which trophies/competitions are to be competed for each season.

21. Should an Angler lose terminal tackle during a match, the angler must wait until the end of the match to collect/retrieve the tackle.  He/She must not attempt

      retrieval during the match unless every individual affected or likely to be affected agrees, to the recovery.

22. When a FLOAT ONLY match is denoted on the fixture list No Swim Feeders/Bomb Weights which rest/sit on the lake bed are permitted.  Feeder Floats are

      permitted, so long as they are fished on the surface as you would a normal float.

23. The Match Organiser(s) may call an end to the match at any time if unforeseen circumstances arise outside of the Society’s control, including severe weather

      conditions, or any issue relating to the potential safety of any angler/member.

24. The use of Mobile Phones shall be kept to a bear minimum.  No Radios to be used unless a personal ear piece is connected, and no other angler is affected

       from any issue relating to volume.  e.g.  No other angler must be able to hear the device being used.

25. No Litter shall be left at your peg.

26. No pegs shall be placed under power cables.

27. The match shall be started and finished by the Match Organiser’s signal.

28. The duration of a match shall be as denoted on the season fixture list.   In the event that unforeseen circumstances dictate that the duration can not be

       adhered all anglers shall be notified at the start of the match or at the time of draw (if circumstances already known).

29.  When the Society reserves/books a venue and fails to fill all the pegs the Society may offer the

       remaining pegs to associate members and/or outside guests, in order to keep the costs down.

30. When the signal is made to end the match all tackle must be removed from the water immediately and without delay.  In the event that you have hooked a

      fish prior to, the match finish signal - you must state loudly and clearly (shout) you have fish on.  You will then be permitted 15 minutes from the official atch

      time end, to land the fish, in order for it to be included as part of the weigh-in.  Should 15 minutes elapse prior to the landing of the fish, the fish must be

      returned immediately (Once landed) and can not be considered for the weigh in.

31. Should you wish to fish on, after a match you may recommence fishing ONLY when you have weighed in.

32. No non fishing guests or members on lake venues, with the exception of a person who may wish to

      visit one of our matches with the sole view to joining our society, and with prior permission.

33. Any disputes shall be administered by the Match Organiser(s) to the best of their abilities and utilising the Society’s rules and guidelines within this handbook

      to resolve and conclude them.  Should the dispute be unable to be resolved satisfactorily on the bank, then it shall be passed onwards to the committee. The

      matter should be directed to the committee in writing and within 72 hours of the dispute/complaint arising.