Remenham angling society

Coarse Fishing Club of Henley-on-Thames

Founded 1938


Old History/News

These pages will require the assistance of current and past members to try and piece together old archives of club history and achievements of both the Club, Teams and Individuals.......

If you have any information, please supply to:

Scott has made a start, with help from a local historian at the local library...
The Henley Standard is kept in 6 Monthly the Library - and are available on request, and brought out to you one box at a time..Each box takes approximately an hour to persuse...Scott started with visit 1986 (below), and you'll see what was found !!

If you feel you can spare an hour, to disect a specific year, even if it's to find an old archive/fact about yourself - please let me know (e-mail above address) that you've been though or are about to check a certain year....
A Photocopier is available (10p a copy)...

Other than individual and team achievements, in April (approximately) of each Year the Annual Results were recorded, so we can piece together individual species records (for both Remenham waters AND Remenham Anglers at other non RAS Waters.....)

Match News