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A new format was introduced to the 2007/08 Season, dividing the season into 3 Competitions.  The Autumn series, (Secretary's Shield) combining all venue types, Stillwater, River and Canal was fished across 12 consecutive weeks, with the best 10 from 12 results counting.

Secretary's Trophy (Autumn 2007)

Secretary's Trophy

Roger Howard (Vice Chairman) - Pictured. Winner of the 2007 "Secretary's Trophy" Series

Roger Howard - Incl. Koi Roger Howard - Incl. Koi

Secretary's Trophy (Autumn 2008)

Pictured (Top Right): 2008 - Runner Up, Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith 132lb 10oz

The 2008/09 Season's second series (Secretary's Trophy) got under way in September and concluded in December with 11 of 13 scheduled fixtures taking place.  the Best 9 results counting. allowing for 2 results to be dropped.  18 Anglers took part over the series.

Pictured (Below Left): 2008 Secretarys Trophy series Winner: Scott Arlett.

Scott Arlett - 47lb 8oz

The 2009/10 Season's (Secretary's Trophy) will be the third time the Series has been in place covering the atter part of the Summar and Autumn period.  This Season's Trophy will be across 10 Fixtures with the Best 8 results counting.

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