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Society Constitution

1.1.The Name of the Society shall be the: Remenham Angling Society hereafter referred to as the Society


Aims and Objectives

2.1 The Aims and Objectives of the Society shall be to foster, promote, provide and encourage the Sport of Angling, in all its various

      activities and encourage fellowship amongst members.

      It shall assist, where necessary, with the organising of Trips, Permits and equipment for the Members and to access as

      required Fishing for the General Membership. If on such trips then each member shall be responsible for personal

      insurance and be fully covered for equipment. The Remenham Angling Society will not be liable for any loss or damage.

2.2 To join with any other Club or Association as may be necessary to ensure that Safety, Etiquette and Conservation issues are upheld  

      and that every care is taken to prevent Pollution.


3.1 Membership of the Club shall be open, irrespective of Nationality, Race, Colour, Religious Opinion or Political Party or outlook to:-

      a) Full Member. b) Junior Member. c) Senior Member. d) Concessionary (Senior Citizens and people with disabilities).

      e) Associate Member.  f) Honorary Member.

3.2 Full membership in whatever category is open to anyone subject to the following:

      (a) Any person who is over 18 years of age on 1st May must take out a Full Adult Membership except where they are

           eligible for Concessionary Membership.

      (b) Concessionary (Senior & Disabled) is only available ONLY to those people in possession of a current Environment

           Agency Concessionary Rod Licence.

      (c) All members shall notify any change of address to the membership Secretary within 28 days.

3.3 All Members over the age of 16, excluding Associate and Honorary categories, shall have full Voting Rights.

3.4 All Members shall pay a yearly Subscription, the amount of which shall be determined by the Management Committee at the AGM.

3.5 The Management Committee shall have the power, by Majority decision, to terminate the Membership of any Member for good and

      sufficient reason, providing that the person concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Committee (or those designated) before

      a final decision is taken. A Membership may be held in suspension pending such hearing and decision, at the discretion of a

      Committee Member and one other Full Member.

3.6 Members should carry their membership card at all times when fishing Society waters and will produce them if required to do so.

3.7 All members fishing Society waters will be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence.

3.8 Each member is empowered to ask any angler fishing Society waters to produce a current Membership card/Year Book as

      appropriate, and is further empowered to act as Bailiff on behalf of the Society.

3.9 No person, unless a current member of the Society, shall have claim on Society trophies, prizes etc.

3.10 Members who have not paid their subscriptions will not be allowed to fish Society waters, nor partake in Society Matches.

Management Committee Structure.

3.6 The Management Committee shall be elected annually.

      In order to be eligible for re-election at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) officers and Committee must have attended at least

      50% of meetings since the previous AGM.  Sub Committees may be set up as appropriate.

3.7 The Committee shall hold meetings when required to conduct business of the Society between AGMs and will make decisions on

      matters of policy.  Decisions shall be decided by a majority vote of those present.  Where it is considered to be in the best

      interests of the Society the Committee will call a Special General Meeting.  In all cases the chairman will have the casting vote.

3.8 The Annual General Meeting will normally be held on the second Monday in May.  Members wishing to have any business included

      in the agenda should notify the General Secretary in writing NO LESS THAN 14 DAYS before the meeting.

4.1 The Policy and General Management of the Affairs of the Society shall be directed by a Management Committee of the Society  

      which shall meet annually in the month of May and at such times as may be needed, but not less than four times per annum.

4.2 The Committee shall consist of –

     Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary, Minutes Secretary & Club Captain, plus four other  

     elected Members, to be elected from amongst, and by Full Members at the A. G. M.  Should the Management Committee structure

     not be filled at the A.G.M., or should a vacancy occur, the Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt Members to fill

     the vacancies at a Meeting of the Management Committee where a Quorum exists. Such Members co-opted, shall have full Voting


4.3 Elected Members of the Management Committee shall hold Office for one year from the date of the A.G.M. and shall be eligible

      for re-election. Office Bearers will also be eligible for re-election.

4.4 The Management Committee shall have the powers to appoint from amongst its Members, or where appropriate from the General

      Membership, such Sub Committees as it may from time to time consider necessary and shall determine their powers and terms

      of reference and their Quorum thereof.

4.5 The Management Committee shall have the powers to co-opt onto the Committee to assist in the Administration of its

      Programme and the attainment of the Societies Objectives any person, provided that any such person shall not have any Voting


4.6 The Management Committee shall be empowered to invest Club funds for the benefit of the Club.

Annual General Meeting

5.1 Once in any year, in the month of May the committee shall convene an Annual General Meeting of the Club to which all Members

      shall be entitled to attend, for the purpose of receiving the Annual Report of the Management Committee and the Annual Audited

      Statement of Accounts, of accepting Resignations of Members and of the Management Committee, of electing new Members to

      the Committee and making recommendations to the Membership, and where necessary, of Voting on proposals to amend this

      Constitution in accordance with Clause 11.1

Special General Meeting

6.1 Any Office Bearer may at any time at their own discretion call a Special General Meeting of the Club, with the support and

      signatures of four other Committee Members.

6.2 The Secretary, under the instruction from any Full Member shall within 21 days of receiving a Notice signed by not less than 25%      

      Members with Full Voting Rights and giving reasons for the request, call a special General Meeting of the Society for the Purpose of

      altering the Constitution (in accordance with Clause 11.1) or for any other purpose. The Meeting shall only consider such Business as

      outlined in the request.

Meeting Procedure 

7.1 VOTING - Subject to the provisions of all Classes within this Constitution, all questions arising at any Meeting, shall be decided by a

      majority of those present and entitled to vote thereat. The Chairman shall have a deliberate Vote, and in the case of equality, shall

      have the Casting Vote.

7.2 QUORUM - At all Meetings of the Committee, one more than 50% of its Members shall form a Quorum. At all General Meetings of the

      Club, 25% Members with Full Voting Rights, shall form the Quorum.

7.3 MINUTES - Minutes Books shall be kept by the Club, Committee and all Sub-Committees. A record of all proceedings and resolutions

     shall be entered therein.


8.1 The Management Committee shall have the power to formulate rules to regulate the conduct of the Club and any relevant

      equipment etc. provided that this will not be inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution.

8.2 A member must have completed at least one year’s service on the committee within the last two years to be eligible for election

      on the Management Committee.

8.3 Whatever else is felt to be necessary.


9.1 It shall be the Aim of the Club to be self supporting as far as possible, and to seek Funding as required from any appropriate      


9.2 All monies raised by, or on behalf of the Society shall be applied to further the Aims and Objectives of the Club and for no other


9.3 The Club's Financial Year shall run from 1st April to 31st March.

9.4 All monies received by the Society shall be paid into a Bank Account in the name of the Remenham Angling Society and all

      Cheques drawn against the Society shall be signed by any two of four designated signatories.

9.5 Two Committee Members other than the Treasurer will audit financial records yearly, and prior to the AGM?

9.6 No committee member shall be a member of any Freshwater Angling Club committee.


10.1 If the Management Committee at any time decided, by a majority, to dissolve the Club it shall call a Meeting of all Members of

        the Club who have the power to Vote giving at least 30 days notice and stating the reasons for the decision. If such Decision

       shall be confirmed by a majority of those present and Voting at such Meeting any assets remaining after proper satisfaction of

       any debts or liabilities shall be applied towards the benefit of an appropriate cause as to be decided by the membership.

Alterations to the constitution.

11.1 Any proposal to alter this constitution must be delivered to the Secretary, in writing, not less than 28 days before the meeting

        at which it is to be considered. An alteration will require the approval of two-thirds majority of members with full voting rights,

        present and voting at a General Meeting.